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✅ 100% Independent Learning
✅ 24/7 Access to the Learning Platform
✅ 200+ Video Lessons
​✅ 16 Chapters
​✅ 82 Practical Assignments
​✅ Final Exam
​✅ Diploma and GPA Issued


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James R.

Such a pleasure knowing and working with Thomas Kralow. I am blessed to have met such a bright mind. Thank you for everything that you have done for me! I never thought that he would ever go into teaching, yet I can say that his students are blessed to have an opportunity to learn from such a fantastic person as well as a great trader! Thomas knows how to explain complicated things in a straight forward way! That's for sure.

Patrik H.

Hi. I found Thomas’s YouTube channel randomly. After seeing some of him videos I decided to check his website and learning program because he was the only guy who speak about learning as a serious business which is not easy and simply. I join to his complete assisted learning program and this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Learning program is made to be understandable even for beginner like me who don’t know a lot about trading. My assistant is simply awesome, if I don’t know something or I make something wrong he explain it to me and navigate me to the right way. Thomas really care about his students. You can write to him, he organise meetings on zoom you can communicate with him and other students on Facebook group. I am really happy that I joined to this learning program and community.
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